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Coleman Taylor Transmissions Remanufacturing Division has been servicing and rebuilding transmissions since 1961 in our Memphis factory on Union Avenue. Below are some answers to common questions we often receive.

Does the transmission come with fluid?


Is the transmission tested prior to shipping?

Yes, all Coleman Taylor rebuilt transmissions are DYNO tested before shipping.

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Is there a special fluid for my wholesale transmission?

Yes, most late model transmissions use special synthetic ATF fluid depending on the manufacturer.

Does the transmission computer have to be “flashed?”

Yes, some late model transmissions are computer controlled. The PCM or TCM MUST be “flashed” when the transmission is replaced or repaired.

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What about cooling? Does a wholesale transmission have a radiator or cooler?

All late model transmissions have some sort of ATF cooling either in the radiator or externally. It is critical that the ATF cooler be properly cleaned. Blowing air through the ATF cooler will not clean any ATF cooler.

Should I add a cooler to my truck or motor home?

If you are towing, pushing snow, or your vehicle has a heavy duty work bed, an additional cooler is highly recommended. This is one area where the “bigger the better” is true.

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Is flushing the transmission really necessary?

Yes, flushing the entire transmission system is an important maintenance procedure to ensure proper vehicle performance. Make sure you have this done by a properly trained facility.

My vehicle has a transmission code. Does that mean I need a new transmission?

No, a transmission code can be an electrical or vehicle sensor problem.

Where to find popular remanufactured / wholesale transmissions in stock? Here at Coleman Taylor Remanufacturing Transmissions, we keep these transmissions in stock, including Classic Car Transmissions:

GM 4L60E, GM 4L80E, GM 4T65E, AODE / AODE / 5R110W, Ford 4R70W, Ford 5R55E, Ford AX4N, Chrysler A604, Honda 5-Speed, Toyota U241, Ford 5R110 Torqshift, Ford 4R75W, GM 6L80E, Ford 6R60, Ford 6R75, Ford 6R80 and Dodge Transmissions.

How do I get my core deposit refund?

To receive core deposit:

  • 1. Cores must be returned in original container, drained of fluids, and must include torque convertor.
  • 2. Core must be returned properly; core cannot be disassembled, cannot have missing parts, and cannot be damaged.

Any transmission that is not returned properly, is disassembled, has missing parts, or is damaged will be considered not usable by the remanufacturing facility and core deposit will not be refunded.

This assessment is wholly the decision of Coleman Taylor Transmissions Remanufacturing Division.

What is the difference between a Used Transmission and a Remanufactured Transmission?

A ‘Used Transmission’ is just that – used. You purchase it ‘as is’. There is no guarantee of the quality. It may have reached 200,000 miles or less, but there is no way to tell. And there is usually no warranty or technical support in case you have problems installing.

A ‘Reman Transmission’ is reliable. Why?

  • 1. Because each part is removed and inspected for wear during the disassembling process.
  • 2. Each part that fails to meet OEM standards is replaced.
  • 3. The seller will give you a warranty. Our nationwide warranty is up to 3 years / 100,000 miles.
  • 4. All electronic components are tested to meet factory specifications, then 100% Dyno tested using Axiline’s top quality Dyno.
  • 5. We offer a customer and technical support hotline.
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